joint and bones

Petchup Joint & Bones

Format: Powder
Breed: For dogs of all breeds and ages
Why: A great Preventative
For: Joint & Bones 4 in 1 formula
Sizes Available:
225g, 1-2 months (30-60 days)
500g 2-4 months (60-120 days)

Petchup® Health Supplements are for pet owners who want to protect their
pet’s health, build their strength and make their food more tasty. Petchup is
designed with Vets to give pets extra vitality, strength and mobility naturally. Petchup Joint Support is a natural health supplement that provides joint and mobility support for active and working dogs. It is ideal for strengthening your dog’s joints and mobility and to prevent issues occurring especially for breeds that are susceptible to joint and mobility issues. Petchup Joint Support is enriched with Vitamins and Antioxidants to safeguard your pet`s general health.

Petchup Joint Support contains Glucosamine HCL which has demonstrated great success in naturally conditioning joints and enhancing comfort. It can also help to reduce pain and stiffness associated with arthritis.
Ground Flaxseed is the richest source of plant based omega-3 fatty acids. Fatty acids help to create a protective barrier in the skin to block out irritations and infections and also reduce inflammation.
Petchup contains Vitamins to
help stimulate early cell growth, healthy skin and to safeguard your dog`s general health.
Petchup contains Antioxidants to support a healthy circulatory and immune system as well as helping to prevent free radicals.
Ingredients per 4g: Glucosamine HCL 400 mg, Chondrotin sulphate 40 mg, Green lipped mussels 20 mg, MSM 200 mg, Vitamin D3 20 IU, Vitamin e 5 IU, Vitamin B12 .002 mg, Vitamin C 2 mg, Citrus bioavonoids 3 mg, Selenium 1 mcg, Choline 2 mg, Flax seed – omega 3s 100 mg. Other ingredients: Chicken powder, Brown rice flour, Xantham gum, Carrot powder, Apple fibre, Brewers yeast, Zinc oxide and Beet powder. No artificial flavours or preservatives added.
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