Petchup Health

Format: Powder
Breed: For dogs & cats of all breeds and ages
Why: A great Preventative
For: Vitamins & antioxidants.
Sizes Available:
50g, 1-2 weeks (7-14 days)
225g, 1-2 months (30-60 days)
500g, 2-4 months (60-120 days)

Petchup® Health – Vitamins and antioxidants is a natural food flavour enhancer. Your pet will love it! A pet food condiment and health supplement all in one. Pet owners can now attract the most hard to please pets to their food. For dogs and cats of all ages.

Petchup contains Vitamins to help stimulate early cell growth, healthy skin and safeguard your pet’s general health.
Petchup contains Antioxidants to support a healthy circulatory and immune system, to help to prevent free radicals.
Active Ingredients per 4 g: Vitamin D3 20 IU, Vitamin E 5 IU, Vitamin B12 .002 mg, Vitamin C 2 mg, Citrus bioflavonoids 3 mg, Selenium 1 mcg, Choline 2 mg, Other ingredients: Chicken powder, Beef powder, Brown rice flour, Xantham gum, Carrot powder, Apple fibre, Brewers yeast, Zinc oxide and Beet powder. No artificial flavours or preservatives added.
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